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        ESG Impact Investment Fund (USD)
        Investment Vision
        We share a common mission – “Create meaningful wealth”, and thrive to be a trustworthy asset manager for businesses and investors.
        Investment Strategy
        Our Grass Capital – DA International ESG Impact Investment Fund will focus on investing global market opportunities. ESG theme focused, impact targets driven, and antifragility are the main strategies of this fund. We use big data and AI machine learning to quantify our potential investment targets and choose companies that actively contribute to sustainability and deliver results to shareholders and stakeholders. Combined with subjective judgement, we can identify companies that can perform relatively well in the medium to long-term, in uncertainties and continue to provide superior financial returns and social value. The investment strategy will not only utilize ESG ratings by third party agencies, but also develop in-house ESG factors and standards with our partners to construct portfolio that is more aligned with our vision.
        ESG Theme Focus
        Impact Mission Focus
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