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        Company Introduction
        We focus on investing long-term impact value
        Founded by Mr. Lan Jian, is a professional asset management company registered with the State Administration for Business Administration. Mr. Lan Jian has been trading in financial assets such as futures and stocks since the 1990s, and is a respected and leading senior investor in China. Grass Capital was born with valuing “Philanthropy", "Partnership" and "Investment" in our genes. We focus on investing long-term impact value, sustainable development, and exploring social value investment philosophy.
        Company Introduction
        Our Vision:“Create meaningful wealth”
        Impact Invest Strategy
        Our Mission“Using capital as a force for social progress“:We focus on companies with financial returns and significant social value. We create and pass on mission-oriented impact investment solutions for individual and family investors, foundations and institutional investors. As a RMB(¥)/US Dollar($) dual currency investment institution, our global product mix includes primary market equity investment and secondary market stock investment.
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