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        Team Introduction
        Our diversified impact investment team brings together professionals from the fields of social innovation and sustainable investment, as well as industry experts.
        陸俊 / Robin Lu
        Impact Investment Manager at Grass Capital
        CEIBS MBA / Bachelor of Computer Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University
        Instructor of B Corp China Co-beneficial Consultants / Certified Wealth and Philanthropy Advisor by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and CGPI
        The founding partner(Chief Strategy Officer) of the first certified social enterprise and 1st B Corp in China. A leading market explorer in the field of Chinese social innovation since 2013, he previously served as Innovation Business Manager of Bosch Group, Head of Chemical IT at Dow and Consulting IT Strategy Consultant at BearingPoint Consulting for more than 10 years.
        張智程 / Jason Zhang
        Assistant fund manager at Grass Capital
        MBA of University of Illinois at Champaign / B.A. in Physics
        CFA, FRM
        Assistant fund manager at Grass Capital, multiple years working experience in investing banking, equity investment and venture capital investment in US and China, former analyst at Keystone Asset Management Co., Ltd.
        王晨 / Eric Wang
        Research Director at Grass Capital
        Bachelor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics
        Research Director at Grass Capital, former Research Director at Singapore Julong Investment Trading Company, former Commodities Research Director at DH Fund Management Co. , Ltd.
        余雪/ Amily Yu
        Agricultural Researcher at Grass Capital
        Bachelor of Finance, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
        Master of Finance, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
        Agricultural Researcher at Grass Capital, former agricultural researcher at Research and Development Center of China Cereals & Oils Co. Ltd.
        李建峰(顧問)/ Li Jianfen
        Founder of Qianshan Yifeng Film and Television Media
        Former deputy director of the Institute of Public Interest Communication of China Media University,
        Editor-in-chief of China Public Welfare Charity Network
        Founder of Qianshan Yifeng Film and Television Media, focusing on the communication influence of public welfare organizations, author and chair of "Give way, Achievement of China's Public Interest Forces" "Emergency Public Opinion Evolution Map" "Belt and Road Communication Discourse System Construction" and other works and topics, and for a number of social service agencies, foundations, social organizations to provide communication advice and practical support, is an influential communication expert.
        谷卓然(顧問)/ Lesley Gu
        Vice Secretary of the China Alliance of Social Value Investment(CASVI)
        Graduate School of International Finance
        She has served as a management consultant for Accenture and Baidu, and has since become involved in the field of impact investment, focusing on domestic influence investment research and advocacy, and exploring the logic and influence management methods of Sustainable Development Value Added in China.
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